Commercial Property Management

Excellent Value

Owning property in Central Illinois can be time-consuming and expensive. Even property owners who are willing to spend the considerable time and effort on day-to-day management find that they get quickly overwhelmed with all the financial, legal, and operational requirements. Road Runner is here to make your experience as a landlord far more rewarding.

Experts at Securing Quality Tenants

The right tenants can make the world of difference when you’re a landlord. We carefully vet tenants for you, screening those who are likely to become bad debt and credit risks, and securing those who are the most qualified and responsible.

Administrative Ease

There is extensive paperwork involved with being a landlord: executing leases, obtaining and returning security deposits, paying utility, mortgage, and tax bills on time, engineering the return of security deposits upon move-out and more. We do it all – and we do it seamlessly.

No-Hassle 24/7 Reliable Maintenance

If there’s a water leak, crack in the ceiling, or mechanical problem you don’t want to be the one on call. Road Runner’s group is excellent at preventative maintenance –cleaning, painting, tending to minor repairs – as well as obtaining fast service in the event of an emergency. Over the years, we’ve assembled an extensive array of resources to address virtually any need or tackle any problem that may arise.

Highly Proactive Client Service

We personalize our services to satisfy even the most unique request from our diverse clientele. Others may rely on a “cookie-cutter” menu of services, but not us. We’re nimble enough to custom-tailor our program to each owner’s specific requirements. And we’re easily accessible with just one phone call.

Proven Track Record

Our fine reputation and outstanding references from both domestic and international clients speak volumes about our exceptional results. Our staff is professionally trained to respond promptly and appropriately to any situation and to effectively resolve the simplest to most complex tenant or building matter at hand.

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