Selling a Home

The real estate environment has changed and most real estate agent don’t know it. We work hard for our clients by leveraging technologies to protect and help to sell your home.

1. The real estate market used to be held tightly in each real estates agents hands. Today 83% of most buyers are doing their research via Zillow and countless search engines.* Does the broker have a place anymore? We believe yes. Our job is to leverage our industry resources and knowledge to guide each client with the real estate services they desire.

2. We are to use our knowledge to find opportunities that buyers may not know about. 

3. Today’s agents must be able to use social media and market find the buyer, which will pay the about the seller desires.

4. Although we are not experts in every aspect of homes and home repair we use our decades of experience to help clients find problems. We further have a list of third party inspectors/professionals to get you a through review of the property.

5. We final look for legal services to help you close on your transaction. Many people have a trusted legal professional, but we have a list of attorneys who are experts in the real estate field.

*stat based on National Association of Realtors article from 2017