About Us

Our History

Road Runner was an idea in 2002 to do real estate and business differently.  The owner of the company (Michael McFarland) struggled with school, but found his place through running.  As most of his teachers and coaches found out he wanted to do it different, but always in the pursuit of excellence.  Road Runner focuses on team and how can we work with our FAMILY  meaning “Clients” to get their needs taken care of.  We focus on getting the right result and are not focusing on the amount of money being paid.  We love what we do and try to give that experience to the FAMILY we work with.

Our Mission Statement

We love to help others fulfill their dreams.  We are here to listen and help take the fears out of life.  We just happen to sell, lease, or manage real estate.
Are you ready to fulfill your dreams?

Our Keys to Success

We listen to your needs and help you to define your priorities as part of the process. We will expedite the process without cutting corners or sacrificing values. Our goal is to look for the story behind the numbers and not accept the listed as presented. We recognize that there are people involved in all aspects of the transaction.

Our core values are:

Value – Give more value than we receive.

Serve – Our compensation is determined on how many people we serve and how well we serve them.

Influence – We strive to put others interest above our own.

Authenticity – The most valuable gift we can give is ourselves.

Receptivity – The key to effective giving is to be open to receiving.

*If you feel you have heard these before you may have read the book the Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann